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The leading HDB registered and BCA certified renovation company in Singapore.


Ban Yew has been the pioneer in this industry for over 70 years. We started exclusively as a carpentry firm and soon expanded to turnkey projects. We wanted to deliver a holistic experience to our clients and decided to grow our firm with a wide range of new skill sets to deliver the best possible outcome and uphold our promise of superior quality. The Ban Yew name, although rooted in tradition, became synonymous with high quality and a client-first approach. We continue to evolve with the latest design and techniques to deliver a premium experience.

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First factory in Malaysia


First Subsidiary Company - Carpenters Design Group


Re-branded Ban Yew Interior Design to The Designers by Ban Yew



First factory in Singapore


First Full House Renovation


Started Our Own Interior Design Company -  Ban Yew Interior Design

First factory in Malaysia

"If you wisely invest in beauty, it will remain with you all the days of your life" ~Frank Lloyd Wright

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Ban Yew understands that renovation is more than just making things look beautiful - it needs to be practical. We focus our attention on regularly incorporating new developments to ensure a growing lifestyle for our clients. Being in the industry for over 70 years in the industry has gained us the necessary knowledge to be able to serve our clients with the best possible solution for every problem.


We help to bring award-winning designs to life 

Bespoke Home Interiors that are worthy of praise.

We strive to always deliver the best to you

High-quality materials and excellent workmanship

We believe in transparency in everything we do

From costing to on-site work, you will always know how your home is shaping up.

We warranty our works done for up to 2 years

All of our services come with a Two-year warranty. 

We promise

  1. Responsibility - We will be focused to increase efficiency & quality workmanship 

  2. Integrity - We will be honest & fair with our clients at all times 

  3. Value - We will keep you informed to maximize the value of investments 

  4. Commitment - We will ensure your project is finished on time & within budget.

  5. Communication - We will keep you updated about your project progress

  6. Quality - We ensure & take care of the smallest details in our projects

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